Lars Poduie 


M.Sc. in Civil – Hydraulics Engineering (University of Rome – Italy, 2003), has carried a moltitude of projects in design and works supervision of hydraulics infrastructures in Italy, East Europe, Balcans, Middle East, South East and Africa, on international funded projects (African Development Bank, UNOPS, Asian Development Bank, Chamber of Commerce, ANAS, Local Municipalities) and private investors. Deep knowledge of hydrologic studies, design and construction pf water supply networks, sewage, drainage shemes, water management, hydropower plants.

Italian, mothertongue

English, excellent

Philip Poduie


M.Sc. in Architecture (University of Rome – Italy, 2005), has acted as Consultant for several architectural companies and contractors, both in Italy as abroad, on the development of private and public projects in Spain, Morocco, Tanzania, South Africa, Rwanda and Haiti, acquiring in such different environments a multitask professional experience.

Italian, mothertongue

English, French, Spanish, excellent

Giulio Poduie


M.Sc. in Civil – Hydraulics Engineering (University of Padova – Italy, 1972), owns a long experience as Project Director for international and regional projects, mostly in development countries in Africa, Latin America, Middle East, East Europe and Balcans. He acted as responsible for design and supervision of works of hydraulics infrastructure, irrigation schemes, drainage networks, water supply and sewage, hydropower plants, roads, airports and harbours. He covered executive positions among different companies: Sales Executive Manager for EFIM (1982-1985), President of Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A. (1997-1998), Member of the Board of Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A. (1999-2006), CEO of ICP Sh.p.k. (1988-2003), CEO of CSC Aviazione Srl (1995-today), President of Piaggio Shelters S.p.A. (2006- 2011). Consultant for the World Bank, EBRD, IEB, African Development Bank and Inter-American Development Bank. Permanent consultant for Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on hydraulics and irrigation.

Italian, mothertongue

English, excellent

French, Spanish, Serbo-croatian, very good


Alberto Polimanti 

Geologist (University of Rome – Italy, 1961), has a long experience as Project Manager for Design and Construction Supervision of civil works in Italy and abroad. Responsible for geological studies and geotechnical investigations, road design, slope protections, hydrogeology, seismic analysis for transport infrastructures (road, highways, airports and ports), hydraulic works (water supply, sewage, dams, irrigation schemes), buildings (schools, residential and commercial buildings)

Italian, mothertongue

English, French, Spanish, excellent

Parwez Zabihi 

MBA in International Finance (University of London – UK, 2000), has been envolved in several operations supporting investors from across the US and Europe to establish themselves in KRG and Iraq and find opportunities to invest and deliver their services. Followed merge/acquisition, finance, land security, London Stock Exchange Floatation operations.

Kurdish, mothertongue

English and Farsi, excellent

Renato Pani

Hydropower & Electro mechanical

M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (University of Trieste – Italy, 1964), has acted as Project Manager and/or Electro-Mechanical for a multitude of HPPs projects in Italy, South America, Middle East, Africa. With ENEL (Italian Power Authority) from 1965 to 1999, was entrusted with growing responsibility from assistant Electrical Engineer to Managing Director, Commissioner and Works Supervision of HPPs, Transmission Lines, HV Substations, etc.

Italian mother tongue.

English excellent.

French and Portuguese good knowledge

Eros Allone

Energy efficiency

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (University of Trieste – Italy, 2012), has been involved in road projects, restoring of residential houses, ecoricreational parks, technological networks, domotics, safety coordination in design and construction sites.

Italian, mother tongue.

English, Russian, very good.

Roberto Raspagliosi

Hydraulics and irrigation

M.Sc. in Civil – Hydraulics Engineering (University of Rome – Italy, 1976), has acted as Project Manager for design and construction supervision for a multitude of hydraulic projects (irrigation and drainage schemes, water supply, sewage, reservoirs), plant works (hydropower and thermal plants), transport projects (roads, railways, airports, harbours), on international funding projects (EU, EBRD, WB, AfDB, IBRD), regional and privates. Extensive experience of hydrological modelling, hydraulic design, water management studies.

Italian mother tongue.

English, French and Spanish good knowledge.

Igor Pavlovic

Electro-mechanical Plants

M.Sc. in Electrical Engineer (University of Novi Sad, Serbia, 2006), he has gained a strong experience in design, construction supervision, commission, operation and maintenance of electro-mechanical plants, in particular related to water supply, wastewater treatment, oil & gas.

Serbian mother tongue.

English excellent.

Adriaan Toet

Transports and Logistics Expert

Sc. In Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering (ICT) (Univeristy of Wageningen, The Netherlands, 1979), has acted as Executive Director of Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer (KNV – Royal Dutch Transport Association) and other relevant Companies and Associations operating in transports and logistics.

As Project Director and Project Manager, he managed relevant international projects in rail, ports and multimodal sectors in North and East Europe, on behalf of EU –TACIS and EU-PHARE, World Bank, EBRD, other than special action programmes for storage and handling of agricultural produce for UN Food and FAO in Africa and Asia.

Dutch mother tongue.

English excellent.

French, German, Italian good knowledge.

Giampietro Slaviero

Water supply and sewage

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (University of Padova, 1971), he gained a strong experience in design, construction supervision, commission of hydraulic works, in particular related to water supply and sewage, other than a multitude of experiences in buildings, plants, environmental, maritime works and diagnosis. University lecturer.

Italian mothertongue.

English good knowledge.

Mojahed Ahmed Eisa

Topograhic surveys

Surveying Eng. (University of Sudan in Khartoum – Sudan, 2017), has carried several detailed surveys projects, mostly related to roads, dams, mines, buildings. Works at Almumaiz for surveying company since 2017.

Good knowledge of topographical equipment and software.

Arabic mother tongue.

English excellent.

Anne Charbit

Interior Design

Interior architect / Designer (Lisaa – France, 2007), worked in various architectural compagnies in an international context for high end Hospitality projects, in charge of sites supervision, clients relations and coordination of contractors. Develops several projects in independant especially the textile design brand “Bananne Fabric”.

French mother tongue.

Italian excellent.

English and Spanish good.

Thadée Abizeyimana


Board chairman / Deputy Manager of CSC Rwanda Ltd. 

Work as Human Resources and Legal Manager at Vivo Energy Rwanda (petroleum industry). Has worked with Skat Consulting Ltd (International development and consultancies) as Regional Legal Manager and Co-Deputy Coordinator in Rwanda, Burundi and DRC; in addition of years of experience in legal practice as an attorney and consultant. Member of Rwanda Bar Association (RBA), East Africa Law Society (EALS) and Cross Border Associates (legal advisor).

Kinyarwanda mother tongue.

French and English excellent.

Organization Chart of CSC


Profert S.A.
Alpin Geologie