Egypt- Fayoum reclamation area 4000 Feddan
Egypt- Fayoum reclamation area 4000 Feddan
Egypt- Fayoum reclamation area 4000 Feddan
Eritrea – Saline Plant of Massawa - topographic surveys
Egypt- Fayoum
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CSC – Centro Consulenze is a Consulting Engineering Company incorporated in 1982.

CSC  was created as a professional organization composed of experts highly qualified in the study, design, implementation and management of engineering works in Italy and abroad and in particular in Developing Countries.

After more than 40 years of activities, today CSC is a reliable and efficient technical partner for the promotion and implementation of engineering and architectural projects, guiding investors through new international markets and opportunities.

Based on the long and different experiences carried out through the years with always renewed enthusiasm, and which have provided interesting and relevant relationships in various areas, CSC avails of a consolidated network and acts as relevant help to develop new entrepreneurial opportunities.

Grew up in different professional environments, the partners gather into CSC their own professional experiences and know-how, keeping alive the spirit of renew which has distinguished this professional group since its beginning, believing in the freedom of action and movement.

Flexibility and satisfaction of the Client, and full complicity in pursuing the common targets of the Partner are indeed the key-words of our commitment, assuring a sincere and interested involvement to reach the goals.


Service 1
Feasibility Studies
Service 2
Master Projects and Development Plans
Service 3
Market investigations and analyses
Service 4
Preliminary, Final and Detailed Design
Service 5
Geological and geotechnical studies
Service 6
Topographical and aerophotogrammetric surveys
Service 7
Bill of Quantities, cost computations and estimates
Service 8
Tender documents, Terms of Reference, management of contracts and international procurement activity
Service 9
Supervision of works, administration and control of worksites, technical assistance
Service 10
Technical and administrative tests and inspections
Service 11
Environmental Impact Assessment and Studies​
Service 12
Architectural design
Service 13
Interior design
Service 14
Relationships with the Authorities responsible for the issue of related construction authorizations
Service 15
Market investigations for procurement of loans and financing from public and private institutions, both national and international, and follow up of all the procedures relating to the request and obtainment of financings
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Identification, development and management of water resources
Soil conservation and erosion control
Hydropower plants
Water supply and sewer systems
Drainage and irrigation schemes
Water treatment plants
Dams, weirs, water storage and reservoirs
Integrated development schemes
Hydrological studies




Commercial Infrastrutture 
Interior Design

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CSC combines the engineering practices and the ability to manage complex processes with creativity and flexibility in providing effective solutions to specific problems, proposing itself as an innovative partner, competitive and able to meet the different needs of the global market in continuous evolution.

Services include not only technical-design services, but also organizational, managerial and financial services directed at optimizing, coordinating and procuring investments from both private and international organizations to implement the selected works.

Structural flexibility allow to economically managing the execution of studies and projects.

The works are carried out by teams of professional experts accustomed to group work and, at the same time, prepared to act autonomously in the specific sectors of specialization with the most advanced technology and solutions.

CSC is aimed to carry out projects on a vision for development of civil and rural environments, with special attention to the recovery of local knowledge and the use of available materials and labour, in accordance with the social-natural operating context, promoting the progress and a development that goes beyond sustainability in favor of a positive exponential regeneration.



2024 - Saudi Arabia

NEOM - Flood mitigation Portals Review

Review for the Flood Mitigation of 6 portals in the connector - Lots 3 to 7 early works (ch,20.000 to 60.000).
Client:Profert SA


2024 - Rwanda

Rehabilitation design study review and Supervision of Muvumba irrigation scheme

Etude technique d'execution des travaux d'amenagement hydro agricoles du perimetre 8 de la Vallee Muvumba-Kagitumba, District de Nyagatare, Province de l'Est.
Client: Rwanda Agricultural and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) / Commercialization and De-risking for Agricultural Transformation (CDAT) Projet.


2022 - Rwanda

KIIWP-Kayonza Irrigation and Integrated Watershed Management Project

Client:RAB (Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Ressources Development Board)
5000 ha / prefeasibility and feasibility study

Grenada airport

May 2023 - Grenada

Maurice Bishop International Airport

Client:Ministry of Infrastructure Development & Implementation, Grenada
Design and Construction Supervision Consultancy Services for Runway End Safety Areas (RESA).

E-buses Kigali

July 2023 - Rwanda

Consultancy services for developing fleet renewal program including transaction advisory and detail design for e-bus pilot project in the city of Kigali within the Rwanda Urban Mobility Project (RUMP)

Client:City of Kigali


February 2023 - Cambodia

Construction supervision consultant for 6 rural road sections with total length of 110.52 km within the Agricultural Value Chains Competitiveness And Safety Enhancement Project (ACSEP)

Client:Ministry of Rural Development Kingdom of Cambodia


2022 - Malawi

Outfitting of AfDB’s country office in Lilongwe, Malawi (COMW)

Client:African Development Bank


2023 - Sénégal

Project for Pastoralism in the Sahel (PRAPS 2-SN) in the regions of Saint Louis, Matam and Louga

Consultant for APS/ APD/ DAO studies and monitoring of construction work on hydraulic infrastructure
Client: Ministry of Livestock and Animal Production


2022 - Sénégal

PDEPS-Programme de Développement Durable des exploitations Pastorales au Sahel
(Program for Sustainable Development of Pastoral Farms in the Sahel)

Development of detailed studies, preparation of tender documents and monitoring of infrastructure works and equipment of the PDEPS
Réf: 2-sE-1017SI

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VAT No.: 03355950282

Tax Code Number: 05699140587

Reg. N° / Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza (Italy): VI – 330694

Reg. N° / Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano (Italy): BZ – 217508



Via Verona 19

39100 Bolzano, Italy

tel  : +39 0471 237489

Mob : +39 333 6089528


Stradella Orbi 12

36100 Vicenza, Italy

Mob: +39 335 5267300